Criticizing Christianity and Loving a Christian

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It is always funny how people view criticism as a personal attack on them. Criticism on a movie, religious belief or sexuality etc, is the person’s viewpoint on that topic and not on any individual.
Notwithstanding, hateful words leading to death/murder or causing any form of segregation is not criticism, it is hate. When we find it difficult to separate the two we can mistake criticism to be a hateful act towards one’s own person.

Hateful acts are like that of someone praying for the death of the LGBTQ community in a public forum. That act breeds in others who happen to believe what she is saying that the LGBTQ community are not worthy of life itself. I watched a Q&A program where a clergy made his claim about his feeling towards LGBTQ, saying he loves them just as much as God does and they are welcome in his church. He did say he cannot marry them or openly support their union, but he loves the person and cares less about his idea.

Same thing when Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and others criticize religion, they are not saying all religious people should be killed or wiped away from the face of the earth. Sam Harris on his podcast Waking Up talked on when he said "we have to be able to criticize bad ideas... Islam at the moment is the mother lode of bad ideas" on Real Time with Bill Maher. He said after that he went to a restaurant and a Muslim approached him recognizing him from the show, they discussed ideas based on his comment and they became friends.

The Muslim recognized the criticism as an attack to the idea of religion and not to him personally.
I for one at this point in my life I’m an atheist one of my good friends is a Christian, many times we meet over drinks and discuss the many things I share on social media or the ones in my head. Our relationship as friends did not diminish from the time I was a Christian to the time I became an atheist.

As of now, he understands that my criticism of religion is not against him personally or what he stands for, but against the idea and the damage I see it doing.

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Mother, Am I? | Culled From

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Am I who I am

or who you want me to be?

Do I want my goals and dreams

or do you want them for me?

Am I living my life

or are you living it?

Is my existence merely an illusion?

Is my happiness real

or do I feel things I know will please you?

Am I loved

or merely tolerated?

Am I a person

or an extension of your consciousness?

Am I whole

or a mould of your frustrating failures?

Am I me

or am I you?

Culled From: Mother, Am I? | Culled From

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Do People Love You or The Idea of You?

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Here is an FYI.

Your friendship status with other person grows when they overlook your differences to find the parts of you that appeals to them. They are not turned off by your differences, but have learned to find the humor in the way you choose to look at life. Your friendship is not in the control of personal ideas or focus because your friendship has grown beyond “what you think” to “who you are.”

When people love the idea of you two things will happen the moment that idea changes:
  1. Your friendship and how they feel about you changes
  2. Betrayal of trust follows because of one above
You cannot blame them because for friendship the first thing that draws us together are the things we have in common, it may be the love of games, sports or religion.

If the friendship does not grow beyond similarities – when the similarities are gone the friendship crumbles.

For example, we distance ourselves from old friends who choose to keep doing the things we used to do when we were younger. We see them as immature and will distance ourselves for the fear of being reminded of a time we found their silliness fun.

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If I'm Bisexual, What is Wrong With That?

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I met a lady who was interested in discussing sexuality and was acceptable of someone being gay (which is a big deal here in Africa). It is hard to find people like that, but the flip side was she was not acceptable to why someone will be bisexual. For her being bisexual is being greedy and wanting the best of both worlds.
The conversation changed from sexuality to grouping people based on your idea, drawing a line and saying people on this side are this and those on the other side are that.
Life draws no lines, and it is impossible to group certain sect of people into known groups. The LGBTQ community has the “Q” (Queer/Questioning) as an umbrella term to cover those who are unsure or would rather not be grouped or tagged by a sexual orientation.

Being intellects does not give us the right to dictate to others who they are and where they fit. We are more than just pieces of a puzzle because a puzzle has a certain goal where every piece must be in the right spot to get to that goal. But in life, every piece has its own goal, and it doesn't need every single member of the home race or every member of its group sect to make itself a masterpiece.
We need to be open-minded to the world and the different possibilities that are out there.
I for one accept, “I'm not set on anything, I know nothing about anything and what I do know are ideas which are subject to criticism and change.”
We have to be open-minded to everything and never concluding on a matter without evidence, just because you think it is so, does not make it so.

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I no longer believe in God, but sometimes I miss it

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I no longer believe in God, but sometimes I miss it.
I do not know for other atheist, but for me walking away from God and religious believes after years of dedication did not result in a sigh of relief or a freedom party. Walking away from God and anything religion was a sad, depressing and lonely day.
I never felt so alone and people take turns guessing why I walked away from God and ninety-nine percent of the time they are right. It was disappointment and realization that believing in God is like believing in Santa Claus.
This happened when years of disappointment caught up with logic and reason forming a new perception of my reality.
I cannot undo knowing if I jump up I cannot fly, same way I cannot undo knowing there is no God. I came to understand that your religious believe is almost one hundred percent based on your geographical location.
Someone once asked me, “if anyone proves God exist, will you believe?”
I replied, “Yes.”
The person was shocked and said, “that means deep inside you have not stopped believing in him.”
To that I replied, “I have stopped, but if there is proof I will not fight against it because I’m not stupid!”
At present, I do not think on God because I have accepted my present perception or awareness of him not existing and the anger of being a fool for so long makes me want to pass the knowledge across.
Then there are the days when I’m talking to someone and the bible comes up and we get talking back and forth if God exist or not. I look at the person and I see this cuteness in what I believe is their ignorance, what I see is a child telling me how Santa will bring presents this Christmas and how the lovely fairies will come party in their room.

The same way when a child talks and I’m amazed by their innocence making me wish I was a child again is how I feel when someone goes on talking about the utopia in God. I look at them with a kind eye with a smile remembering the days I too used to believe and sometimes, I miss the ignorance.

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